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Roma Necklace
Roma Necklace
Roma Necklace
Roma Necklace

Roma Necklace

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Reversible double sided coin charm necklace, made using an ancient Roman coin, the Roma Necklace was designed to
attract growth, fortune, and opportunity.

Made by Mountainside.

Coins have a long history of bringing good luck and have
become a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Throwing coins
into a wishing well is a tradition that predates recorded
history. A silver coin was used under the mast of a ship as it
was built, to ensure smooth sailing. Coins have even been
placed on the eyes of the dead to ensure safe passage into
the afterlife. By carrying this ancient treasure, the Roma can
bring enhanced grace, luck, and success.


  • 18 mm pendant
  • Made with recycled metals
  • Made in the US
  • Gold Vermeil + 14k gold-filled box chain