Social Good

YOUR purchase makes an IMPACT

At isiko, we not only want to make and source good products we also want them to do good.  Throughout the year we partner with different organizations and give back a percentage of our proceeds in support of their cause.  In the past we have partnered with organizations in eSwatini, Tanzania, Mozambique and the Philippines.


Currently we are donating 5% of profits to Likhaya Lemphilo Lensha. (New Life Homes)



Eswatini currently has the world’s highest rates of adult HIV infection. The productive generation is impacted most severely, with the projection of thousands of children becoming orphaned and destitute.

Communities are faced with the overwhelming problem of caring for these children. Several organizations are servicing child-headed households and supplementing extended families that are caring for additional children.

However, there are a number of children who are too young to care for themselves, have no homestead rights, or have no extended family willing or able to provide for them.

There is an urgent need to rescue, protect, and empower these children! How Likhaya Lemphilo Lensha helps these children: 

Purpose: To provide a permanent, loving, stable home environment for those children who are orphaned or abandoned, and have no other alternative for care.

Goal: To develop well-adjusted, self-reliant young people who are properly adapted to their culture, ready and eager to join the community as responsible adults.

Procedure: Children must be referred by Ministry of Health and Social Welfare personnel. Young children with relatives unable to care for them — as determined by Child Welfare personnel — will be given our consideration and help as we are able.


You can learn more and donate directly here.