"We only have 2 choices, to do nothing or do something." - Tony Kirwan


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At isiko, we not only want to make and source good products we also want them to do good.  Throughout the year we partner with different organizations and give back a percentage of our proceeds in support of their cause.  In the past we have partnered with organizations in eSwatini, Tanzania and Mozambique.


We are so excited to announce that for the rest of 2019 we will be partnering with Consider the Lily.


Consider the Lily


Josie Long, mother to 52 daughters, established her family and organization, Consider the Lily, in 2011 in Manila, Philippines.  Her girls range in age 6-24 years old. Forty seven girls currently live at home. Five girls have graduated and are living on their own, ten are in college, twenty one are in high school, and sixteen are in elementary school.

Consider the Lily specifically works with the local government to rescue girls from sexual abuse. Consider the Lily values education and sees it as being one of the best ways to break the cycle of poverty in the country and therefore, set a goal to help the girls all the way through college if they are able.


Meet Ella. 

Ella, 25, is the oldest daughter in the Angels Family.

In December of 2009, Ella started attending a weekly Bible Study run by Josie. She was always enthusiastic for what was planned each day. But, life at home was very difficult for her. In 2010 she opened up about the sexual and physical abuse she was experiencing from uncles, step father figures, and her own sisters and mother at times. 

In 2011 when the Consider the Lily family started, she was amongst the 24 girls to start the family with Josie. She’s always been the oldest girl in the family, and for any of you who might be the oldest sibling in your family - you know that comes with a lot of responsibility. It hasn’t always been easy for her as she’s played this role for nearly 7 years, but God had His reasons for placing her into this high demand leadership. 

One day in 2012, as Josie and Ella were spending some one on one time together, Ella said, “Someday, I want to be just like you Ate Josie, and start a girls home too. That's why I’m going to watch everything you do, so that the mistakes you make, I will know how not to make them.” Josie laughed - but later cried. It was easy to laugh, but the tears came for two reasons. One, she knew this girl, along with all the others were in fact, watching her every single move, and seeing as she did make many daily mistakes, it terrified Josie hearing Ella say that. Secondly, Josie saw a real calling on Ella's life as she spoke those words, and knew the Spiritual battle would rage in conflict with the desires of her heart.

Ella has now graduated from college with a degree in Intercultural Studies and has felt a calling from God to be a missionary 4 hours north of Manila, in a city called Olangapo, particularly on a street and community named Baretto. Baretto is a well known place where foreigners from around the world come to buy woman, men and children. There are brothels and bars on both sides of the streets for a few kilometers long. For the past couple years Ella has been going there on prayer walks, short ministry trips, and even spent her internship month living there. Her hearts desire, is to connect herself with local communities, start a girls Bible study, get involved in local churches and outreaches and someday, start a rescue home for girls who have been sold into sex slavery. 

Ella was born into a family of prostitution, decided at age 16 that she’d rather give her life to Jesus, decided at 18yrs that she wanted to provide a way for other girls to know about Jesus as well, decided at 22yrs that not only did she want to help girls, but she specifically wanted to help girls who came from the same ‘type’ of family she did, and at 25 years old, has started this journey. 


Impact Campaign - #iknow
Two of the oldest girls, including Ella, plan to start their own home for girls this year. With every purchase you make a percentage of the sale will be a contribution in establishing these new rescue homes.

"At Consider the Lily we focus on putting an end to human trafficking one person at a time - whether it be through prevention homes, rescuing children who are at risk of being sold, or impacting the ones responsible for this slavery by reaching out at bars, clubs, brothels, and hideaways throughout the Philippines.

Everyone deserves a chance to get back on their feet, to heal from the abuse and trauma, and to be given the opportunity to positively impact the world around them."


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