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Small wood spoons with bone inlay
Olive Wood + Bone Teaspoons

Olive Wood + Bone Teaspoons

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Traditional craft meets modern decor and functionality. These teaspoons are hand carved from sustainably harvested olive wood and bone by artisans in Kenya. Sure to garner admiration at your next gathering. 

The entire community benefits from this skilled trade and the area is now known throughout Kenya for its woodwork. 

Each bone piece has been ethically sourced from Masaai herdsman who lost many animals in a recent drought. These items are helping them to recover some income in the face of tremendous loss.

Set of 4. Spoons measure approximately 3 inches long.

Wood Care:                                                                                                                            Use a soft sponge to hand wash or wipe clean. Towel dry + apply mineral oil if necessary.    To prolong the natural beauty, dishwashing and microwaving is not recommended.