I am a 1 woman shop and am taking some time to visit family as well as source new items for you.  Therefore, any orders placed between 2/6/19 and 2/24/19 will take a few extra weeks to mail out.  Thanks for your understanding, patience and most importantly your support for my passion and dream!


Blush/Nebula Blue Planter



Thrown on the wheel this planter is made with B-mix clay and has a dashing pink glaze on the inside and a mix of pink and nebula blue glaze on the outer top half of the pot.  There is no drainage hole in this pot allowing for more versatile use such as a brush or pen holder.

No two pieces will be exactly alike, such is the nature of handmade pottery. Additionally, each piece will have some irregularities such as glaze drips, fingerprints, asymmetry and even small nicks.

Approx. 3 inches tall and mouth opening is 3 1/2 inches wide.

** This piece is made to order and therefore processing and delivery will take 3-4 weeks.


This material is made with clay, glaze.


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