Social Good

"We only have 2 choices, to do nothing or do something." - Tony Kirwan

YOUR purchase makes an IMPACT

At isiko, we not only want to make and source good products we also want them to do good.  Throughout the year we partner with different organizations and give back a percentage of our proceeds in support of their cause.  In the past we have partnered with organizations in eSwatini, Tanzania and Mozambique.

We are so excited to announce that for January - June 2020 we will be partnering with International Justice Mission.

5% of all sales will go back to IJM

International Justice Mission

We are a global organization partnering with local justice systems to end violence against people living in poverty.

International Justice Mission

Rescue and Restore Victims
We find enslaved people, bring them to safety and walk alongside them until they are restored.  
We find the children and families who are victims of violence, forced labor, or sex trafficking. We then support local police in rescue operations and help meet the victims’ urgent needs, like safe housing, food, medical care, counseling, and education. We walk alongside survivors until they are fully restored.

Bring Criminals to Justice
We relentlessly pursue justice in court. We ensure that traffickers, rapists and other criminals go to jail so they cannot abuse, exploit or enslave others.
We make sure criminals cannot continue to harm vulnerable children, women and men. We do this by working with local law enforcement in investigating, arresting and charging slave owners with crimes. Then our lawyers and partners continue to fight in courtrooms until those slave owners are put behind bars.

Strengthen Justice Systems
We provide training, mentoring and support to police, judges and other community leaders to slow down and stop the cycle of violence. 
Slavery still exists because traffickers and abusers can freely exploit people living in poverty. This is possible because police, judges and other officials are not equipped to enforce the laws. We provide training, mentoring and support to local law enforcement and other community leaders to slow down and stop the cycle of violence.