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When I was just eight years old, I remember taking a trip to my mother’s homeland – the Philippines. At this young age, I was shown a new world, a new culture. Prior to this trip, the only place I could remember calling home was a small-ish town in Florida and I was as content as any eight-year-old could possibly be. I thought the world was easy and picture-perfect, that everyone else was as happy and safe as I was. My trip to the Philippines quickly taught me this was not the case.

For the first time I saw poverty… I mean real, ugly, unfiltered poverty. I saw people struggle; I saw people starving. I saw kids without shoes or loving parents. My eyes were forcibly opened and I saw that life for all people wasn’t simple and sweet like mine.

An especially poignant memory from this trip remains engrained into my memory. This mother holding her newborn child in her arms approached my mother and me, and begged us for food. My mother obliged and gave her a guava. That’s it, just a measly little fruit. But the rest of the kids nearby noticed and came rushing over hoping to be as lucky as this mother and child, hoping to get some food too. And it broke my eight-year-old heart. These people, mothers and children and babies, were so desperate for food.

They were so desperate to survive. It was at this moment, at eight years old, that I decided I wanted to dedicate my life to helping the less fortunate, the underprivileged, the ignored. Somehow, some way I was going to give back and make a difference.

Thus began my lifelong love affair with philanthropy. I try to volunteer and help out any chance I get. And now through isiko, I am able to giveback through my work and help others learn about those many organizations and people that give their lives to helping out those in need.


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  1. William Barker on November 29, 2017 at 4:07 pm

    Janna, your website, purpose, blog and product line are all very impressive! Nice job!

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